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Posted JAN. 13th 2023

I hope you enjoyed these first few pages of the prologue! My plan is to finish the prologue over the course of January and February, and the pages will be released in variously-sized batches like this (instead of page-by-page.) I'll post on my Twitter and Instagram when new pages are up!


If you'd like to support the making of the comic I have a Substack blog for that. The subscription is 5$/month or 45$/year, and gives access to the monthly behind-the-scenes-updates blog and early access to new comic pages.

Current subscribers: 170

Updated: May 24

There's no physical versions of Journey Upstream (yet), but my previous comics are available in my online shop for those who are interested. And if you're in North America, you can also get them online from Wise Path Books so that you don't have to pay for the shipping from Europe.