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Posted JAN. 26th 2023

The next batch of pages will be a bit bigger, either 7 or 8 pages depending on where it feels best to make the cutoff. So expect the update in a few weeks; around mid-February as early access for Substack subscribers, and then about a week later here on the website. I'll post on social media and by newsletter once it's here. Until next time!

Oh, I also added an RSS-feed option for following updates, since a few people asked for it. (It's the soundwaves-looking icon, your browser needs an rss-reader to use it.)

If you'd like to support the making of the comic I have a Substack blog for that. The subscription is 5$/month or 45$/year, and gives access to the monthly behind-the-scenes-updates blog and early access to new comic pages.

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Updated: June 4